2013 Jeff Beck Memorabilia Ebay Auction


The Folly Wildlife Rescue is a charity near and dear to Jeff and Sandra Beck's hearts. Recently, with some of your help, Folly Wildlife Rescue was given permission by the Wealden District Council to add an additional building to the Broadwater Forest Wildlife Hospital, to house essential veterinary, x-ray, diagnostic, water bird and staff training units, as well as a range of aviary shelters.

To raise funds for the construction of the building, Jeff has given Folly Wildlife a lot of unique merchandise including t-shirts, cd's and dvd's all signed by the man himself.

Starting October 19th, the items will be listed at www.ebay.co.uk.

Here are some pics and links to some of the items.....




For more information about Folly Wildlife Rescue, visit their website at;

Good Luck!